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Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster

The Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster is a Freecoaster-Cassette hub of the latest generation and is based on the function and the typical attachments of a cassette hub. The driver is equipped with special springs, pawls and interchangeable gap discs which allow you the usage as s Freecoaster hub. The great advantage of this new freecoaster technology is that this hub is lighter and your crank does not rotate when you roll backwards like on conventionally used (driver-cluch) coaster technology but offers you a defined and direct depending gap-setting which is equivalent to a cassette hub. The two supplied plastic gap rings of this Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster let you provide a variable adjustment of the gap (Idling phase of the crank until the arrival point).

Caution: Thera are no springs and pawls available to switch this Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster into a cassette hub.

Facts Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster

  • Material:
    Shell: 7075-T6 aluminium, 36H
    Axle: Male, CrMo, heat treated, hollow, aluminium cone nut and CrMo cone nut (Driver)
    Nuts: 17mm CrMo Nuts
  • Driver: 9T, RHD, 3 bushings
  • Bearing: Sealed bearings, additional bearing in the middle of the hub
  • Flange Diameter: Drive side: 57mm / Non-Drive Side: 47mm
  • Compatible Hubguards: Eastern "Pop N Lock" Hubguard und SaltPlus "Universal" Hubguard
  • Extras: Supplied with 2 included "Gap" disks for adjusting the crank gap and a detailed operating instructions

Weight (in Kg): 0.58
Weight (in lbs): 1.28

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece

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Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster
Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster
Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster
Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster
Ezra "Karl Poynter" Freecoaster

169.95  EUR

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