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In the BMX Freestyle 20" category we offer 20" BMX complete bikes for disciplines such as street, park, dirt, flatland and pump track from recommended manufacturers. Use the Rider Skill filter to find BMX bikes for beginners, advanced or professionals. You can find more information and purchasing instructions in our FAQ.

BMX Freestyle 20" FAQ

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BMX Freestyle 20" FAQ


Entry level BMX bikes

If you weigh less than 60 kg, can already ride down a few steps, want to learn tricks like the bunny hop, 180° or 360° and want to find out whether BMX is right for you, then a beginner's BMX bike from us is ideal for you.

The BMX frame, the BMX fork and the BMX handlebars of the entry-level BMX bikes consist mostly of 1020 HiTen steel, which is cheaper to produce, less hard and heavier than a high-quality 4130 CrMo steel that is common in the BMX professional sector. The wheels usually consist of aluminum rim rings without hollow chambers and hubs, which are equipped with simple, unsealed "loose ball" bearings (cone bearings), often abbreviated as "LB". The head tube is usually equipped with a loose ball A-head headset (external bearing shells and cone bearings) and the bottom bracket also often consists of a "loose ball" bearing (cone bearing) in US size. Add-on parts such as the stem and U-brake are made from forged aluminum, which is more cost-effective than CNC-manufactured aluminum alloys. All of these factors listed and the absence of branded components contribute to a low overall price. The geometry, but also the overall look, is BMX-specific and based on BMX bikes of higher quality. A BMX bike from the entry-level class is ideal for newbies to try out BMX sport, develop a feel for the BMX bike and practice the first basic tricks. served.

Advanced BMX bikes

If you weigh over 60 kg or can already do some tricks such as bunny hop, 180°, 360° or various grinds and jumps, then we recommend an advanced BMX bike.

Advanced BMX bikes are specifically designed to meet the increased demands and skills of experienced riders. They are often made from high-quality materials such as Chromoly steel (4130 CrMo), which is stronger and lighter than the steel used in entry-level models. This improved material choice increases both durability and performance on more complex tricks and jumps. Advanced BMX bikes are also equipped with high-quality components, including robust cranksets and durable wheels with hollow chamber rims. Special features such as integrated headsets and mid bottom brackets make maintenance easier and optimize performance.

Professional BMX bikes

If you're constantly thinking about BMX, driving around town and seeing potential spots, going to BMX jams and contests, then you've fully embraced the BMX lifestyle. This opens up countless opportunities for you and connects you with like-minded people worldwide. A good BMX bike should not only be able to withstand tricks, but also be a reliable travel companion that feels optimal anytime and anywhere.

Professional BMX bikes are made from the best materials, including high quality chromoly steel or titanium for certain components. These materials ensure a perfect balance of durability, rigidity and lightness. The frame geometry is specifically tailored to the rider's BMX style, such as street, park, dirt or flatland, and influences stability, maneuverability and trick execution. Equipped with premium components including high-quality hubs, specialized rims, precise steering systems and braking systems such as a rotor designed for competition, professional BMX bikes offer extensive customization options. Innovative technologies such as integrated chain guides and special bearings optimize performance and make maintenance easier.


The BMX bikes from the BMX Street, Park, Dirt disciples are often offered in different top tube lengths. Depending on how big you are, the length of the top tube has a significant impact on the overall riding, as well as the control of tricks. In order to find a BMX bike that is suitable and easy to control for you, we recommend the following top tube lengths for the respective body sizes:

Toptube Body Height
19" - 19.5"145cm - 155cm
20" - 20.5"155cm - 165cm
20.5" - 21"165cm - 175cm
21" - 21.25"175cm - 185cm
> 21.25"> 185cm


Unless a BMX bike is explicitly described as "brakeless" or "without brakes", both front and rear brakes are always included, regardless of whether they are mounted on the product image or not. Be aware that in these days, more and more kids start to ride brakeless for reasons such as lighter weight, the visual perception or a better feeling doing tricks, e.g. barspins.

Shipping & Assenbly

You can pick up your BMX bike in one of our BMX shops or have it delivered conveniently. In the last case, you have to mount the handlebar, pedals, front wheel, saddle and possibly enclosed pegs by yourself. Also, you should check the correct fit of all screws and parts. For this we have created the following video: