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kunstform?! BMX Shop History

Everything starts small, and so did we! Here is the story of the kunstform?! BMX Shop
first website without BMX shop
kunstforms?! first

BMX shop start page and colors 
New start page and colors
in 2007

BMX shop start page 2008
New start page 2008

BMX Shop 1.1
BMX Shop 1.1

kunstform?! was born on October 23 2003. Back then it was not a BMX shop but a wholesale trade. In the beginning Sebastian "Seppl" Pospischil started kunstform?! for the distribution of Artzone, FLATtv and Quamen.

In 2004 is the first offcial homepage. Back then kunstform?! is operated as a one-man show out of Seppls shared apartment. Two steel closets function as stock room and the desk is right next to his bed.

In the same year the first kunstform?! product is released, the kunstform?! "ooh-Rings" grip rings. The offer gets expanded to a direct sale and a small shop is included in the homepage.

In 2005 Seppl - still a solo fighter - takes a semester off from his economic studies at university to focus on his little business. The store gets bigger and bigger and so he starts a real online BMX shop which is launched as a Flatland-only shop on July 29 2005. This is the foundation for kunstform?! as a BMX shop and BMX mail order.

In 2006 kunstform?! has its first sales booth at the biggest German BMX event, the BMX Masters. Besides the organizational effort, the sales hassle and the scorching heat Seppl participates in the pro contest and finishes sensationally as 4th. Big shout outs go to Stephi, Roman and Wastl for their support during these stressful days!

2007 is characterized by many turbulences. Seppl starts a practical semester at his sponsor adidas and works there, writes his final for university and improves his BMX skills. Therefore kunstform?! moves to Daniel Fuhrmann and his roommate Simon who operate the business out of their apartment.

In the second half of 2007 Raiko out of Karlsruhe takes over the business and manages all orders of the BMX shop. Thanks goes out to these three guys during these rather chaotic months! By the end of 2007 the BMX shop moves back home. The Heilbronner Strasse in downtown Stuttgart becomes the company headquarters, mostly as a stock room and office.

2008 has been so far the most important year in the history of kunstform?!. Flo Sailer, who joined the company in 2007 and started BMX riding with Seppl back in Munich becomes the first full time staff member. Soon the office and stock room get way to small for the products so the rooms get expanded and as a pre-stage to the actual storefront a showroom is established.

By the middle of 2008 Daniel Fuhrmann, who has been always involved within the company becomes the admin in order to achieve Seppls ambitious goal to create the best online BMX shop in the scene! At the same time Flo and Daniel work on kunstforms?! first offline BMX Shop, which is opened on November 17 2008.

2009 is going to be an exciting year. The flagship store receives great support from the scene and so we decided to put the whole line of goods online. As a novelty we included an option that enables you to filter our stuff by BMX Street, BMX Flatland as well as Fashion.

2010 was primarily characterized by strenghtening our internal processes. In retrospect we can say that all the stress was worth it and everything will be fine. The year came to an even better end. With the relocation of our office, we have fulfilled a long cherished dream. Work ing and riding BMX Flatland in a 90 square meters office, covered  with a nice OSB contest floor.

In addition, we have also moved the scene a lot. The Boost Skate Hall in Stuttgart Bad Cannstadt now offers 1 BMX day per week.  In Stuttgart-West we have found a BMX Flatland indoor sport with perfect concrete surface, which will initially be available 2x days per week. We also want to offer courses for the kids in the near future in order to support the next generation in a better way. In this sense: on a successful 2011!

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