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In the category BMX Kids we offer BMX completes with 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch wheel sizes for toddlers and teenagers to get started with a suitable BMX bike. In our FAQ we have put together some shopping advice on choosing the right BMX size for your child.


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Which BMX bike is the right one for my child?

To grant your kid pure riding pleasure, we recommend the following BMX wheel size based on the body size/age of your little one. Your kid is guaranteed to thank you if you follow these recommendations when buying!

Wheel Size Height Age
12"95cm - 110cm3 - 5 Years
14"105cm - 130cm4 - 6 Years
16"115cm - 140cm5 - 9 Years
18"125cm - 150cm7 - 12 Years