The importance of a shoe becomes clear at least when you try to overcome one day without it. Therefore it is not surprising that there is such a huge range of footwear. Ask us to find the right shoe for your demands.

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Shoes FAQ

BMX shoe

A BMXer cannot wear any kind of shoe on his bike. There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled for full control of a BMX bike. Aspects like a very grippy sole, strong materials and sufficient paddings should be considered as well as effective absorbing characteristics for high impact. BMX shoes mostly are composed of different special materials like EVA, STI, PU etc. to provide comfort and necessary stiffness for personal preferences.

Breakless riding

A breakless rider should definetly have a shoe with a more durable rubber outsole.


Tricks like tailwhips need to be catched with your foot, sometimes even with your ankle. Therefore a mid high shoe with enough padding in the collar is appropriate.

BMX Brands

There are several shoe brands like Almond and Lotek etc. who evolved from the need of an own specific shoe which meets the needs of BMX requirements.