Animal Bikes

Animal Bikes

GGGG-G-Unit! More than any other BMX company Animal Bikes out of New York City has shaped the Hip Hop hype in BMX street. Besides fat beats and the best moshers in the team Animal offers high quality BMX parts and outerwear. Animal is definitely one of the most sought-after brands in the BMX market.

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Animal Bikes FAQ

The Animal History

Animal Bikes was founded in 2002 by Ralph Sinisi after an incisive road trip experience in Georgia. Ralph never planned to found a BMX company in the first place. Back then Ralph, Mike Tag, Steve Crandall, Bob Scerbo and George Dossantos rode a session at a university, which apparently pissed of a local professor. This nice gentleman called the cops and also sued all attendees for damages of property. As a result of that, the guys had to endure an unexpected stopover in jail for almost one month. Back in freedom the guys decided to leave Georgia as fast as possible and headed to South Carolina for camping. In a sleepless night Ralph had a flash of inspiration and so Animal Bikes was born.

Animal what?

For a long time Animal has been the standard expression for Ralph and his friends whenever they talked about something sick. Animal rails, Animal tricks, or just Animals, sick dudes doing sick tricks. So what would be more logical than calling your company Animal Bikes! Especially when you start a company to represent your scene and support your friends.

New York City - Animal City

As soon as you see a video of this company it's easy to see that Animal Bikes are straight out of New York; besides the unique atmosphere it shows countless street spots from the Big Apple, the most famous ones are probably the Brooklyn Banks that get shredded by local rides like Edwin Delarosa and Bob Scerbo. The first parts of the company - Animal Pegs - were produced in a small garage shop in New York and were distributed to the world from there.

Animal BMX Parts

"I just wanted to do something all about the riding with no bullshit or image to sell stuff. Just good riding and good parts." - Ralph Sinisi. What more can you say? If you need high quality street parts and prefer to spend your money on a rider-owned company than on a multy million corporal group, than Animal!

is the perfect choice for you.