About Us

In our BMX shop you will find everything whatever the BMX heart desires. Whether BMX bikes, BMX parts, BMX accessories, protective clothing or BMX fashion, from BMX beginners to BMX professionals we offer an extensive range and advice throughout according to the motto by BMXers for BMXers.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to supply the BMX scene with the best BMX products. In addition, we want the BMX Lifestyle through active support and encourage direct initiatives. This takes the form of various projects such as BMX events, BMX competitions, Workshops & demonstrations, as well as the support of BMX clubs, skate parks and BMX talents themselves.

Our products

For us, the top priority is that you have fun riding BMX, that you optimally match your BMX ambitions can develop and you are satisfied with your bmx bike in the long term. To ensure this goal we have Selected BMX brands in the program, which we as BMXers do with a clear conscience represent and would also drive themselves.

Our story

The idea for the kunstform BMX Shop came up in 2003 as part of a study project by Sebastian Pospischil the light of the world. A growing one demand, the first employees and the opening of the kunstform BMX Shop (Stuttgart) led in the year 2012 to founding of kunstform GmbH. Since 2019 we have teamed up with the FlairBMX Shop in Berlin - today kunstform BMX Shop (Berlin) - merged.

If you have any concerns or questions, you are welcome to contact us or simply drop by the BMX Shop in Stuttgart or Berlin.

Ride on

Your kunstform BMX Shop Team

  • FAQ

    • Can I get free stickers?

      • Why, surely! We include a few free stickers with every order. Besides, you can You get free stickers in our BMX shops in Stuttgart and Berlin. That's true of course only while stocks last.
    • Does your BMX rider sponsor?

      • With our kunstform BMX Team we already support selected BMX Talents of different skill levels and ages. Many of our employees are themselves or were active BMX professionals, so our younger team riders can benefit from our many years of experience. We are very close to the BMX scene tied together. If you stand out from the crowd with your skills and your charisma, If you're motivated and have the right attitude, we're sure we've got you covered the radar.
    • Do you sponsor BMX events?

      • By sponsoring events we want to give something back to the BMX scene. Because many Employees of ours are themselves through BMX competitions or events for the first time with BMX came into contact. In addition, we have a lot of experience as we already have have been holding a wide variety of events since the beginning of 2000, some of which (stock session, FreedomBMX Awards Stuttgart) already enjoy a legendary reputation. So if you yourself planning a BMX event and need support, please contact us.