To find the right BMX Crank you should know exactly what you want. At BMX street for example cranks are basically used in 175mm crank arm length, while BMX flatland rider prefer 160mm. Think about your preferred drivetrain side to choose from LHD or RHD assembly. A wide variety of BMX cranks offer you solutions for different budgets.

Cranks FAQ

Cranks stuff

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  • Color
  • lenght
  • Crank-Type
  • Spindle Diameter
  • Sprocket Mount
  • Pedal Threat
  • BMX Discipline

Cranks FAQ


RightHandDrive or LeftHandDrive allow you to assemble your BMX Chain onto your preferred side. That avoids interfering your sprocket at grinding, for example.

2-/3piece crank

BMX Cranks usually consist of 2 crank arms an 1 axle, which are called 3piece cranks. There are also 2piece cranks or 2.5piece cranks, where one crank arm is combined boltless with the axle. That demands only one main bolt on the other side to fix the whole BMX crank.


If you want to ride a BMX sprocket with less than 25 teeth, you will need a BMX crank which offers microdrive. In this case the sprocket bolt has less distance to the crank axle and needs a nearer threaded hole on the crank arm.