BMX Cruiser 22" - 29"

In our BMX Cruiser category you will find bikes, that have larger wheels than 20" (Inch). But the main principle follows the usual 20" BMX Bike : Thick tires, no gear-shifting and no suspension.

BMX Cruiser 22" - 29" FAQ

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BMX Cruiser 22" - 29" FAQ

BMX Cruiser bikes originate from BMX Race , where they have an own class, due to the 24" wheel size. The larger wheels require a larger frame of course, what makes the whole bike grow. But the geometry is aligned to 20" BMX Bikes to still provide riding characteristics like fast and direct handling. Especially older rider or former BMX rider prefer these larger BMX Cruiser because of the well balanced proportion between performance and comfort. 24" is the most common size but there are also a couple of 26" models.