MaxxisSince its inception in 1967 as a modest producer of bicycle tires, MAXXIS International has evolved into one of the top 10 tire conglomerates worldwide. MAXXIS offers a wide range of high- performance tires for various vehicles and equipment in over 170 countries. As part of the CST group, the world's largest producer of bicycle tires, MAXXIS employs over 25,000 people and manufactures 50 million bicycle tires annually.

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Customer Focus at the Core of MAXXIS Product Development

Technological advancement and innovative solutions are forefront at MAXXIS, with customer safety and satisfaction prioritized throughout the development process. As a brand of the family-owned Cheng Shin Ltd., MAXXIS recognizes that tires and tubes are critical components affecting riding quality, safety, and experience. Therefore, MAXXIS relies on comprehensive product testing, performance-oriented development, and application-specific designs as keys to quality assurance.

Maxxis' Commitment to Quality through Responsibility

Qualified engineers and creative teams at MAXXIS' headquarters in Georgia (USA) and Taiwan continuously work on product development. Manufacturing and coordination are carried out in MAXXIS' own facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam, ensuring 100% quality control in development, production, and delivery. MAXXIS uses only high-quality materials processed with state-of-the-art technology. New tire prototypes are produced after intensive simulation testing and real-world evaluations by professional racers to ensure the highest performance standards and reliability.