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G-Sport BMXG-Sport is an english BMX Parts brand which produces high quality and well thought stuff like hubs, rims and pegs .


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Evolutionary history of G-Sport

G-Sport was founded by the english street rider George French in 1994. By the way, the G in G-Sport is for George. This guy always had a huge interest in bike technic, his Tech Columns in a couple of BMX publications are legendary. Beeing a bit underground and produced in England before, in 2005 G-Sport started a collaboration with Odyssey BMX. That led to world wide commercial success.

G-Sport Products

G-Sport BMX products are of very high quality. They are technically and functionally well developed. For example the G-Sport Marmoset hub has an angled flange, which reduces spoke breaking through unnecessary forces of bending. Furthermore G-Sport hubs have been the first hubs in BMX with hollow axles, something nowadays is a standard.