BMX Bikes

We carefully select our BMX bikes assortment each time, specifically for you. Each BMX bike exclusively comes from genuine BMX companies that offer you a great value for money and, more importantly, a lot of fun riding. Before choosing your BMX bike, you should consider whether you want to try everything with your BMX bike or if you prefer BMX street or BMX flatland riding. Your height also plays an important role in choosing your BMX bikes.


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Street BMX Bike

With a Street or Allround BMX Bike, you are well-equipped if you enjoy jumping or grinding. If you also want to try BMX flatland with your BMX bike, we recommend a top tube length of around 20" for your BMX Bike. If your height generally exceeds 1.90m, it should definitely be 21" to ensure ample legroom to the handlebars on your BMX Bike.

Flatland BMX Bike

Have you decided on a Flatland BMX Bike? With such a BMX Bike, you should avoid high jumps as these BMX bikes are not designed for such stress. If you are over 1.80m tall, we recommend a Flatland BMX Bike with a top tube length of at least 18.8".

Assembling Your BMX Bike

The following videos show you how to assemble your BMX Bike from scratch. The videos for BMX Bike assembly are specially produced by us, but as pictures speak louder than words, we wish you lots of fun watching and building! And because some have asked: Yes, the guide is suitable not only for assembling your Flatland BMX Bike but also for your Street BMX Bike or any other BMX bikes...

BMX Bike assembling