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In our categorie BMX Oldschool you will find retro bikes as they existed at the beginnings of BMX history and in the following years. These historical vehicles are newly built and have almost completely the same look, but the materials and a couple of small parts are of better quality than they have been in former times.

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BMX Oldschool FAQ

The genesis

At the beginning of the 1970's in the USA started the development of what we now know as BMX. Young people found common ground and started racing each other on bicycles like their ideals did on motor cycles. The definition BMX - Bicycle Moto Cross - was born. Thanks to a couple of pioneers BMX was able to grow and develop. Based on the popularity among the audience and of course the rider themselves different events took place and organisations were founded, which made this movement big enough, so manufacturers started designing and producing bikes especially for this sport.

The evolution of the BMX bike

Before BMX bikes existed as we know them nowadays there have been a lot of so-called Wheelie Bikes - in Germany known as Bonanza Bikes - on the market. The tight geometry and the high handlebar provided good handling and racing characteristics, so they were very popular as race bikes. The growing demand lead to the appearance of a new strong sort of bicycle with smaller wheels for strength and sturdiness and a high handlebar for increased manoeuvrability. It was just a matter of time until these bikes were ridden besides race tracks. Inspired by backyard swimmingpools quarterpipes appeared on the scene. But parallel to the dream of flying the development of ground tricks evolved. That caused the invention of parts like pegs and gyros which nowadays often are elementary in a BMXers daily grind.