BMX spokes connect the BMX hub with the BMX rim. The degree of tension of BMX spokes causes different characteristics on your wheel. For heavy-duty use you need a higher tension, which demands spokes with appropriate strength. To decrease weight spokes are also available as butted spokes or even as titanium spokes. A large range of colours enable trendy wheel compositions.

Spokes FAQ

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Spokes FAQ

Butted spokes

To increase the necessary stability and avoid weightgaining the manufacturers developed butted spokes. These are tapered to the middle, where is less stress. The endings are thicker to withstand the occuring forces. Another option is to assemble titanium spokes, to achieve weightreduction.

BMX nipples

Regularly you find steel BMX spoke nipples in bmx wheels or spoke sets. To optimize weight we offer aluminium nipples. Most of them come in beautiful colours to meet your need of fashion consciousness.