BLANK Bikes was started in the United Kingdom in Cheddar, Somerset in 2004. Back then Rob Hill and Andy Bishop of Split Second Imports thought they would need another BMX brand to add to their portfolio. Due to the experience both had gained over the years the signs for BLANK Bikes were good.


BLANK Bikes stuff

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BLANK Bikes was born

The first range of bikes featured two different types of bikes. There were the street/ramp bikes like the FRANK, AMMO, MEDIA, SCREEN, CELL and SLATE and there have been the street/dirt bikes like the ICON, SPACE, STARE, FACE and EXPRESSION. Over the years the bikes have changed, just like the riding styles. BLANK Bikes now offers bikes which are of universal appeal to street, ramp or dirt riders.

The philosophy

The philosophy of BLANK Bikes from Day One has been to offer high quality products, at a price other companies don’t! All they want are quality products, honestly priced.

Building a team

In 2007 BLANK Bikes started supporting products to a small range of riders. Since then they're spreading the name at competitions, jams and displays all over the UK.


Today BLANK Bikes offers replacement and after-market parts and accessories of all sizes, shapes and colours, all at the same great price you’ve come to expect. Besides those parts they still come up with the awesome range of complete bikes which seem to get better year-on-year!

By the way, the kunstform?! BMX Shop is the only shop in Germany, selling those awesome bikes!