BMX Winter Games Mühlhausen 2019

BMX Winter Games Mühlhausen 2019
at the 23th of February the BMX Winter Games will take place at the new renovated Skatehall in Mühlhausen. You can choose between 4 disciplines (Park, Minirampe, Street and Vert). By the way there are overall 3000€ prize money. The starting fee per discipline is 5 euros, for all four disciplines 15 euros. If you don't want to take part in the contest, but still want to shred the new park, you've to roll the dice for your entry (1-6 EUR). Spectators have free admission.
We look forward to your coming!

10am: Registration + Warm up
11am: Kids Contest U14 (whole Park will be used)
1pm: Contest Start

BMX Winter Games Mühlhausen 2019

23 of February 2019

Thuringia Funpark
Industriestraße 10
99974 Mühlhausen (Thüringen)

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