kunstform Stock Session video 2017 | freedombmx

kunstform Stock Session Video 2017 | freedombmx

The Stock Session 2017 went finally online, which you can watch right now on Freedombmx! On the 2nd of december 2017, our stock session took place again and it was absolutely amazing to met all the homies again. We had also run a BMX Flatland contest in our Stock room during the others went for a skatepark session to the Pragfriedhof, where you had the chance to win some vouchers for tricks. After the pre-session, the main contest started, in which different groups had the chance to show their skills on the different obstacles we had built up. Even though the ceiling was kissed many times, it was a great end to 2017. You'll find all photos and results on freedombmx. Thanks to everyone for coming down and for the amazing time!

Hopefully see you next year, your kunstform BMX shop team!


Pro Street:
1. Felix Donat
2. Robin Kachfi
3. Aaron Paffenholz
4. Georg Senger

Pro Flatland:
1. Wolfgang Sauter
2. Kevin Nikulski
3. Markus Schwital
4. John Krämer

Amateur Street:
1. Artur Meister
2. Lukas Schmidt
3. Benedikt Krug
4. Timo Schmidt
5. Fridolin Ewald

Amateur Flatland:
1. Benny Hill
2. Malte Orth
3. Mike Speer
4. Thomas Vucic

Kids Street:
1. Nikola Drugčević
2. Moritz Kuhn
3. Louis Trieb
4. Mika Köhler
5. Rico Fioralba

Video: Freedombmx

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