BMX Männle Turnier 2017 - BMX Highlights

BMX Männle Turnier 2017 - BMX Highlights

From the 12th to the 13th of August 2017, the 9th BMX Männle Turnier took place at the Skatepark in Tuttlingen, Germany. As every year, many spectators and BMX riders appeared to the "Männle Turnier", where there wasn't only a BMX contest for boys and girls, there was also a "best trick", and a "jump the carton" contest. How it all looked, look here! Have fun with the video, your kunstform BMX shop!


BMX Amateur
1. Moritz Kuhn
2. Mika Köhler
3. Justin Dennell

BMX Girls
1. Lotta Grüber
2. Stephanie Rohr
3. Elisa Dünger

BMX advanced
1. Zeno Lehmann
2. Nils Jacob
3. Tim Rude

1. Mätti Hilber
2. Janis Oriovich
3. Chris Halbritter

BMX Best Trick
Nils Jacob

Jump the carton
Michael Dunger 2,10 Meters

Video: Robin Kachfi

Musik: Ryan Little - ballet

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