Brüggeljam 2017 - Schweinfurt BMX & MTB Contest

Brüggeljam 2017 - Schweinfurt BMX & MTB Contest
Brügglesjam Schweinfurt 2017

Like the last couple years, the "Brüggeljam" BMX & MTB contest in Schweinfurt, germany will take place again. The whole is organized by the guys of the Bike Unit e.V. and the municipal youth work of the city of Schweinfurt.

The date is the 23th of september at 14:00 clock. The park is open all day and the registration for the contest starts at 13:00 clock The start fee is 5€. There are two BMX groups and one MTB group. afterwards a Bunnyhop or Best Trick Contest will take place.

You can win prize money and prizes!

As usual, the guys from the Brüggeljam provide you with suitable music and cool drinks.

We look forward to your coming! For more information about the "Brüggeljam" in Schweinfurt, please visit Facebook.


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