kunstform Stock Session 2019 Video

The year 2019 and that year's kunstform Stock Session are now history. As always, even the last stock session had free beer, good mood and the littest BMX action around Christmas time. It was nice to see from which corners and ends of Germany (and around) BMXers showed up, only to escalate completely and celebrate BMX in our small stock room. We would like to thank everyone who showed up in recent years for this!

Results Stock Session 2019:

Street Kids

  1. Noah Martella
  2. Mika Köhler
  3. Lenz Girnghuber
  4. Elias Walzer
  5. Frederic Rittler
  6. Fadi

Street Amateur

  1. Marius Stoll
  2. Flo Först
  3. Lennart Merkle
  4. Lukas Schmidt
  5. Fabian Stich

Street Pro

  1. Miguel Smajli
  2. Moritz Nußbaumer
  3. Artur Meister
  4. Dennis Möller

Flatland Amateur

  1. Malte Orth
  2. Jan Schmiddt
  3. Christopher from the USA

Flatland Pro

  1. Wolfgang Sauter
  2. John Krämer
  3. Markus Schwital

We are excited to see what the BMX year 2020 (!) has to offer.

Enjoy the video, your kunstform BMX Shop Team!

Video: Felix Prangenberg, David Schaller, FreedomBMX

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