Ride Further Tour Stop #5 - Hard (AT)

Ride Further Tour Stop #5 - Hard (AT)
In Hard am Bodensee, almost directly on the German-Austrian border, one of the largest and best bowls of Europe is located. This is the location of the Ride Further Tour 2017 from the 2nd - 3rd September with a big stint in the fifth round.

From England have already announced Kriss Kyle, Bas Keep, Matt Priest, Chaz Mailey and Lima Eltham, but that's not all. A total of 16 international pros will go to Hard in the start and then there would be the winners of the four wildcards. Chris Halbritter and Mätti Hilber have already qualified at the BMX Männle Turnier in Tuttlingen, two other wildcards can be won on the 2nd September at the Pre-Quali directly on site. But be careful: the number of participants is limited, so register quickly (register@wayfurther.com)

For more information on the Ride Further Tour 2017 in Hard, visit Facebook.


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