Robin Kachfi - Bike Check

Robin Kachfi - Bike Check

Robin Kachfi - Bike Check

Robin Kachfi won last february the kunstform BMX Shop "Sponsor Me" Video Competition and is now a real part of the kunstform BMX Shop Team! Especially in the last few weeks during the Hiphop Open BMX Jam in Stuttgart and the Munich Mash we spend a good time and had many good sessions! Reason enough for our "Team Manager" Daniel to let him answer a few questions and to take a closer look at his current bike setup!

Yo Robin, where are you from and how long do you ride BMX?

Hi Daniel, I'm from Mannheim (Germany) and i'm 19 years old! I ride arround 5 years now.

Your Bike is nearly full equipped of BSD parts!
What bike setup do you have right now and what could you let us know about it?

Yes, I simply love BSD!
I have real good feeling with my bike right now and i love the simple colorway! My tyres have about 60 psi air pressure because Nosie Wheelies feels so smooth and it's more healty for my wrists.

Here my bike setup:

Frame: BSD Passenger 20.8 in raw
Fork: BSD Acid Fork
Bar: BSD Passenger in black (cuted a bit smaller)
Stem: BSD Race V2
Headset: BSD Headset in black
Grips: Odi Soft in black
Barends: Odyssey
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueak 2.4 in grey
Rims: Gsport Ribcage
Front Hub: BSD front street female
Back Hub: BSD back street male
Spokes: no name
Hubguards: BSD
Pegs: 3x BSD Rude Tube
Seatpost: BSD Blitzed in black
Seat: BSD Slinger in black
Crank: BSD Substance Crank in black
BB: BSD Substance in black
Pedale: BSD Safari Pedals in grey
Sprocket: BSD Superlite 3D
Chain: BSD Halflink

Anything else to talk about? Take your chance!

Yes, first of all thanks to Daniel and the whole kunstform BMX team that i can be part of it and of course thanks for my new bike! As well, i would like to thanks my buddies of the Mazzakacrew (straight outta Mannhaim) for all the support and of course my family!


Yo Robin, thanks for your answers! We're so hyped as well to get you in the team and we're looking forward to get back on roadtrip with you! Please follow the instagram account of the Mazzakacrew (Mannheim represent!) (Click here)

Thanks for reading, cheers Daniel!

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