BMX Best Trick Contest 2017 - Skatepark Mannheim

BMX Best Trick Contest 2017 - Skatepark Mannheim

On saturday, 29th April 2017, the season openinng contest took place at the skatepark Schönau in Mannheim. In addition to a skate contest, there was also a BMX best trick contest in addition with a few warm up BMX games. Over 20 riders were at the start and the mood was super good! Thanks to all who've participated. Props also to Titus, Wolftrap Brand, SAM - skater aus Mannheim and of course the city of Mannheim! All the best your kunstform BMX Shop Team

1. Robin Kachfi
2. Marco Günther
3. Georg Senger
4. Jan Mihaly
5. Leon Schader
6. Tobias Eul
7. David Kerscher
8. Mirko Wiedemann
9. Alex Gravemaker
10. Thorin Huschak
11. Jason Hörner
12. Leo Tietz
13. Fritz Fimpel
14. Lotta Grüber
15. Yoshi Kobayashi
16. Nik Drugcevic
17. Richard Christ
18. Sebastian Held
19. Arthur Krenkel
20. Leandro Bühn
21. Luca Meissner

filmed & edited: Robin Kachfi

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