Felix Prangenberg - Nora Cup 2018

Felix Prangenberg is always on the road, learns and produces every year insane bangers, get's one price after the other and is definitely one of the nicest homies out there! At this year's "Battle of Hastings" Team "Godwin" ended up as 3rd, in which Felix got invited from Jordan Godwin, and then, Felix just won the NORA CUP - Reader’s Choice Rider Of The Year Award. What an honor. Congrats Felix!
Watch now all Finals of this year's "Battle of Hastings" and the Live Feed of the NORA CUP 2018 (17. Minute - Felix Prangenberg), as well.

Viel Spaß bei den Videos, Dein kunstform BMX Shop Team!

Video: Ride BMX

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