Felix Prangenberg - One Hunna Video

The dudes at freedombmx.de present a brand new video series. The official press release of One Hunna reads as follows:

"Pressing" Rec "exactly one hundred times during the shoot is the idea behind our new video series, Welcome to One Hunna."

And therefore also welcome Felix Prangenberg! Because our Bro has the honor to be the first in the series and absolutely kills at the Pferderennbahn in Neuss! BTW: Felix is not all by himself, but also supported by his homies Kilian Reihmeyer, Lukas Häusler and wethepeople Bro Tom Weikert. And an X-Games Med(i)alist also pops up. Hit it now!

Have fun with the video, your kunstform BMX Shop Team!

Video: The Medialist / Felix Prangenberg (2. Camera)

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