Mika Köhler bike check

Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler bike check
Mika Köhler, our bro and part of the younger generation of our BMX Team got himself a new BMX at the beginning of the year. Since Mika is growing up, the change from a 18 Inch BMX to 20 Inches was about to come up. You probably know that, too. You treat yourself with a few new parts and suddenly your BMX feels completely differently. A change from 18 Inch to 20 Inch certainly feels even more blatant. We wanted to know more from Mika, but read for yourself! The parts list for Mika's new BMX can be found below, at the end of the article all products (if available) are also linked directly.

Hi Mika! Nice new ride! What is your first impression?

I'm super happy with it. Together with my dad and the support from Wendel, we really put together a clean streetmachine tailored to my needs. The frame has a very short 20.25" top tube and is very agile with the 12.7" short chainstay and great for me to handle. I'm in live with the color, too!

In contrast to my previous bikes, I consciously decided to make a few changes. I now have a 2-piece handlebar, frontload stem, changed the driver side and a slimseat. All new world! I also took over one part of the old bike. The Pathfinder sprocket from Pberg was almost new and far too good to hang on the wall.

So all in all, my 20 inch dream is 100% fulfilled!

That sounds great! And how did you feel about the change from 18 Inch to 20 Inch? Could you hardly wait or were you rather skeptical?

Yes, I definitely had mixed feelings. I was a little nervous about whether I would be able to handle the big bike, because BMX riding is all about having fun for me. And the fun level on my beloved 18 Inch BMX was difficult to top. On the other hand, I had the feeling recently, that it was time to step it up and I didn’t regret it. After the first bunny hop at kunstform Stuttgart, I was relaxed and my 18 Incher got a place of honor on my wall.

What do you like best about the 20" and where do you have to get along?

So apart from riding, I now have a lot more options when choosing parts than in the 18 Inch range. I had to search a little longer now and then to e.g. get suitable spokes or cranks and often had to make compromises. But thanks to you guys, we always conjured up something suitable.

Up to now (weather permitting) I've only jibed on the bike itself within my hood. What I have clearly noticed is that I can ride a lot faster. I can get on the curbs and rails more easily with the bigger wheels, and I can grind a little higher.

With footplants, on the other hand, I have some problems with the rear wheel getting off the ground properly. But it's OK. The rest are little things, e.g. as I'm doing one or the other trick over the wheel. But I am confident that I can get used to it relatively quickly.

Now of course I'm looking forward to the warm and dry months to get a better feeling for the 20 Inch game!

Mika's 20" Custom BMX
FrameFiend BMX "Varanyak"
ForkSubrosa Bikes "OM"
HandlebarsThe Shadow Conspiracy "Vultus Featherweight"
Stemwethepeople "Logic" Frontload
Gripseclat "Shogun"
BarendsThe Shadow Conspiracy "Deadbolt"
HeadsetOdyssey BMX "Pro Internal"
Crankwethepeople "Logic"
Bottom Bracketwethepeople "Logic"
Pedalseclat "Slash Nylon"
Sprocketwethepeople "Pathfinder Guard" - 25T
ChainThe Shadow Conspiracy "Interlock V2" Halflink
Front TireThe Shadow Conspiracy "Serpent Featherweight"
Front TubeHartje
Front RimG-Sport BMX "Birdcage"
Front Hubeclat "Seismic"
Spokes FrontThe Shadow Conspiracy "Featherweight Double Butted"
Rear TireThe Shadow Conspiracy "Serpent Featherweight"
Rear TubeHartje
Rear RimG-Sport BMX "Birdcage"
Rear Hubeclat "Cortex" 2018 Freecoaster
Spokes BackPrimo "Forged" Speichen
Hubguard Driver Sideeclat "Gong V2"
Hubguard Non Driver Sideeclat "Gong V2"
Saddlewethepeople "Team Slim" 2019 Pivotal
SeatpostThe Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal - 135mm

Nice, let's hope the weather gets better soon! Do you have some last words for us?

Yes gladly! So I've been doing BMX for over 6 years now and I always had a lot of fun. It was clearly because of the good times and the cool people (greetings to everyone!) that make up BMX life, and secondly because I always had a bike under my butt that just went through everything and fit perfectly. That's exactly why I would like to thank the kunstform bmx shop, especially Fuhre and Wendel (who are simply the best) and my parents (who are also the best)! #love

Big greetings go to all team riders, my homies, all readers of the bike check and many thanks to you too Seppl for the interview ... Ride on!

Thank you very much & Ride on Mika !!!


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