John Krämer - Bike Check 2017

John Krämer - Bike Check 2017
John Krämer - Bike Check 2017
John Krämer - Bike Check 2017
John Krämer - Bike Check 2017
John Krämer - Bike Check 2017
John Krämer isn't just a passionate flatland rider, he's also a long-time employee at kunstform BMX Shop and shows you today his new bike check!

Yo Johnny, where do you come from and how long have you been riding?

Yo, I'm from Eberswalde which is next to Berlin and I've been riding BMX for 15 years now

What is your favorite BMX video?

My favorite video...? Mhhh, ther're 100 new ones everyday hahaha
I think my favorite video is "Martti Kuoppa Moments"

What bike setup do you have and what can you tell about it?

At the moment I'm riding the wethepeople "Envy" 2016 BMX complete bike. I really love it! It's for sure the best BMX I've ever ridden. I want to push my street skills and this is the reason for this bike but of course I can ride flatland with this bike, as well! I just changed the pegs, the tires, the brake, hubguards and I've also changed the chain to LHD.

Frame: WTP "Envy" 100% Sanko 4130 CrMo, integrated seatcclamp, changeable brake mounts, Mid BB
(TT): 20.6", 21"
(CS): 13.55"
(HA): 75.5°
(SA): 70.5°
(BB): 11.75"
(SO): 9.12"
Fork: WTP "Envy", 100% 4130 Sanko CrMo, heat treated, Aluminium Topbolt, 28mm Offset
Bars: WTP "Envy", 100% 4130 Sanko CrMo, 2-pcs.,
Height: 9.17"
width: 29.25"
Backsweep: 11"
Upsweep: 2°
Stem: WTP "Hydra", Toploader, 50mm offset
Headset: Salt "Echo" integrated headset, Sealed Bearing
Grips: Eclat "Filter"
Barends: Eclat
Tires: KHE "Mac 2 Park" folding tires, 20" x 2.2" & 20“ x 2.3“
Rims: Eclat "Bondi V2", welded, 36H
FW Hub: Eclat "Cortex", Sealed Bearing, 14mm Female CrMo axle with 10mm (3/8") CrMo Bolts, 36H
BW Hub: Eclat "Cortex", Freecoaster, LHD, Sealed Bearing, 14mm CrMo Male axle, 36H
Driver: 9T
Spokes: no name
Hubguards: -
Pegs: 2 x  Heresy BMX "108" Pegs
Seatpost: WTP "3D", Pivotal, 200mm
Seat: Eclat "OZ V2", Pivotal, fat
Crank: Eclat "Aeon", RHD/LHD, 4130 CrMo, 2.5 tlg., 48 Spline, 170mm
Bearings: Eclat "CNC", Mid BB, Sealed Bearing
Pedals: Eclat "Churchill", plastic with changeable pins
Sprocket: Eclat "Vent", 26T
Chain: Salt Plus "Warlock", Halflink
Brake: Eclat

Anything else to talk about? Take your chance!


Yo Johnny, thank you for your answers! We are glad to have you on board!


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