Moritz Kuhn - Bike Check 2017

Moritz Kuhn - Bike Check 2017
Moritz Kuhn - Bike Check 2017
Moritz Kuhn - Bike Check 2017
Moritz Kuhn - Bike Check 2017
Moritz Kuhn isn't just only 10 years old, he's now a real part of the kunstform BMX Shop Teams for the current team season 2017/18. Moritz takes part in every contest in the region with his 18inch BMX and mostly with success, as for example the "BMX Männle Turnier" in 2017, that recently went on stage, where Moritz got the first place in the amateur class. Reason enough to make a little Bikecheck with Moritz and his current whip!

Yo Moritz, where do you come from and how long have you been riding?

I come from Aalen (BW) and I got my first BMX 4 years ago ... and from where ... of course, from KUNSTFORM, I have a black-green 16 " Wethepeople Seed, which is now hanging in my room.

What is your favorite BMX video?

My current favorite BMX video is HARRYMAINIA 2

What bike setup do you have and what can you tell about it?

I am riding a black WETHEPEOPLE Curse 18 "and have pimped it up with a few parts like polished profiles elite hubs, polished profile stem, total BMX saddle and Oilslik chain from SaltPlus, since I'm on a clean design.

Frame: Wethepeople 18” Curse schwarz
Fork: Wethepeople SALT “AM 20” fork
Bars: Wethepeople schwarz
Stem: Profile Racing poliert
Headset: Salt
Grips: ODI
Barends: ODI
Tires: Salt Strike 18” x 2,2
Rims: Salt Valon
FW hub: Profile Elite poliert
BW hub: Profile Elite poliert
Spokes: Schwarz
Hubguards: -
Pegs: Liegen im Keller
Seatpost: Salt
Seat: Total schwarz
Crank: SALT “Rookie” crank crmo 165mm
Bearings: Salt
Pedals: Eclat
Sprocket: Salt 25Z
Chain: SaltPlus Oilslik
Brake: Odyssey

Anything else to talk about? Take your chance!

I would like to thank my family and the entire Kunstform team for the great and generous support. Many greetings to my homies .. A very special thanks goes to Markus Zieher (@markuszieher) for his support

Yo Moritz, thank you for your answers! We are glad to have you on board and look forward to the coming time with you!


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