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Zoo YorkZoo York is a brand - as you may derive from its name - out of New York. It has its origins in the early ´70s. By now it is a worldwide known brand which besides skateboard designs is famous for cool clothing with its typical urban style.

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In the early '70s a couple of progressive minds were inspired by the energies of the city. Graffiti, skateboarding and music were the impulses which developed the "Soul Artists of Zoo York". What started off as a simple line of decks and T-shirts became a symbol for New Yorks underground szene in graffiti, skateboarding, hiphop, punks and anything in between. Nowadays Zoo York is a globally recognized brand. It is based in Manhattan and famous for its typical East Coast orientated designs. Zoo York still is backed by the Zoo Crew which includes original New York grafitti artists, designers, musicians, BMX riders, and some of the biggest names in the skateboard community.