BMX Wheel Assembly Service (spokes and centering)

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If you buy all components (hubs, spokes (incl. spoke nipples and rims) from us, we offer you to assemble a custom wheel from the hub, spokes and rim you have chosen.

To use this service, simply put the item "BMX Wheel Assembly Service (spokes and centering)" in your shopping cart and add a rim, hub and spokes from our online shop. This way you get a fully assembled and centered wheel.

If you are unsure which spoke length you need, you can simply choose any length. We will then select the right spoke length for your wheel.

Please note that the assembly of a custom wheel, depending on the current order situation, can lead to a delay in the shipment of your orders by 2 to 4 days. We will take the appropriate time and care to complete the order properly and conscientiously.

Note: After a wheel has been laced, there is a chance that it may warp slightly after the first few rides. This is because the spokes can settle during use and the tension can adjust. Such warping is normal and can occur with new wheels, so we center to about 0.7mm lateral or radial runout. We therefore recommend checking the tension of the spokes regularly and tightening them again if necessary.

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