Video: kunstform Team @ Highway 2 Hill

Just a few weeks ago, another Highway 2 Hill Contest took place in the legendary Mellowpark in Berlin. Because a large part of the kunstform team was on site, it was only logical to film a small edit with the boys. Felix Donat, Robin Kachfi, Leo Tietz, Arthur Meister, Sven Avemaria & Miguel Smajli are treating the Street Area and parts of the Bowl with various Techmoves, Jibs, Chinks & wild 540s. In the meantime, Markus Schwital and Seppl Pospischil come up with some fresh flatland moves on the on the basketball court. Of course, summer vibes are guaranteed, so have a look!

Enjoy the video, your kunstform BMX Shop Team!

Video: Robin Kachfi

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