20 Years kunstform Street Jam

It has now been 20 years since Sebastian Pospischil registered the kunstform business and we celebrated this anniversary in style in our BMX shop in Stuttgart. Before the big party started, we organized a street jam during the day, which led to some of the famous spots in Stuttgart like the "Marmorplatte". There were a ton of riders at the start and there was action! Freedombmx captured the jam on video, so get the video now!

At this point, many thanks to Freedombmx for the great video! On top of that, many thanks to everyone who was there; Without you, this anniversary would never have been possible. A big thank you also goes to our supporters for this event: @odysseybmx & @demolitionparts via @sibmxdistro, @shadowridinggear & @mankindbmx via @unitybmx, @fitbikeco & @sandmbicycles via @allridebmx, @cultcrew & @eclatbmxbrand via @traffic .bmx and @ridetsg via @247bike.

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