Rant BMX "Spring Linear" Brake Cable

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  • Weight : 0.09kg / 0.2lbs
  • Packaging Unit: 1 Piece
  • Product ID (PID): 11276

The Rant BMX "Spring Linear" Brake Cable consists of a steel core with linearly extending and Teflon lined steel wires which are coated with a durable plastic outer sheath. Compared to a brake cable with a wired metal housing this linear brake cable allows you a more precise and better braking pull performance. The additionally inside Teflon tubing and the Teflon coated cable offer a smooth and low friction brake performance even this Rant BMX "Spring Linear" Brake Cable is wound around the head tube of your bike after a 360° Barspin .

Facts: Rant BMX "Spring Linear" Brake Cable

  • Cable: With smooth surface, Teflon coated, with cylindrical head for brake lever and ball head end for gyro
  • Housing: Linear Teflon lined metal housing provides stiffer braking
  • and resists kinking, Teflon coated inner wire for low friction pull
  • Length: 120cm

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