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kunstform?! unboxing

kunstform unboxing
kunstform?! unboxing

At the moment there are a lot of videos on youtube where you can see how people unboxing the package of orders which just arrived. This trend is called "unboxing". We at kunstform?! BMX Shop would like to address this issue because online orders are often quite impersonal but we as well want to know how you get your package, why do you have the parts ordered, what do you do with the parts, how you like our free packagesuprise like sticker, poster, energydrinks or  just show us who you are !

For this reason we made the "kunstform unboxing"  project which works with the following steps:


1. Order something at

2. After you got the package, do a "kunstform unboxing" Video (examples you can find here)

3. Upload the video to

4. Share the Video at the kunstform?! BMX Shop Facebook Fanpage :

5. After you have done it, we will send you an voucher over 5 Euro via email, which you can use for your next order



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